Is Computer Literacy as Important as Literacy?

Over the past few days I have stumbled around from one side of the internet to the other in search of a way to make money on the internet. 


Yes, okay, I understand that that first sentence alone shows my lack of understanding of all things computerised. The internet doesn’t have sides. It’s infinite. Or is it round? I… I just don’t know…

It turns out that in order to fully monetise my blog I have to put extra ads onto the site, and, I really don’t want to do that. 

But as I scroll though pages and pages of ‘How to make money blogging’ posts, I start to despair slightly. I would love to be able to make a living blogging. I just want to be able to write all day – surely there is a way to do that! 

Well yes, there is… or no… depending on… Well, put it this way – the blogs making the money are, ironically, the ones teaching you how to make money.

Damn. Got my hopes up there for a second.

But it did also get me thinking. There is money to be made from the internet. Most things are run through the internet. All my recent job applications have been through the internet. Most of the books I read come from the kindle store and and 90% of the news I read is online (since the times raised their paper price from £1 to £1.20, I refuse to buy it on moral grounds). 

Even this blog is absolutely reliant on the internet! 

I am currently writing this from my local library. The internet at my parents house (who I am currently staying with as part of the ‘family holiday’ that is the British Summer). 

My parents have described it as one of the worse things in their life. Let’s just think about that for a second. Just fifteen years ago, my family owned one desktop – they barely used the internet. Now every member of my family has laptops and phones and God knows what else. The extent to which they are reliant on the internet it almost scary…


But don’t think that it is necessarily a bad thing.  I do however, think that people, particularly the older generation who have grown up with the internet and social media dominating their lives, need to embrace it. The world has changed forever. Now it is time to change how we educate people in the world. 

I think that there need to be classes in Social Media and computer navigation need to be taught in schools. 

YES. Computer skills are often taught, but in relation to the tools typically considered useful in an office.

In 80 years, there will be nearly nobody who has not grown up in part of a social media world. Things have changed forever.

Let’s embrace it!  



Question of the Day

I have been debating a question with friends for the past week, but I really wanted to open it up to see what everyone else thinks!

I would be fascinated to know peoples answer to this. It is my hope that some sort of debate takes place in the comments, and I would love to get involved if this does take place.

The question is this: If somebody was to discover the meaning of life, would you want to know what it was? If you did know, would that change the way you lived your life, and, if so – would it be changed for better or worse? 

I hope everyone is having a great day, and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say 🙂

With love!

Guy Hugo

On Privilege.

I wish the world was fair. 

I wish that from the second I was conceived I wasn’t predisposed to be more or less successful, have a greater or fewer number of opportunities, be more or less likely to be happy. 

What if I wasn’t a white, middle-class English boy? What if I was born somewhere else? What if my parents were in prison, or my dad left before I was born? 

What if the first thing I though about every day wasn’t, ‘what can I possibly do today to achieve my goals in life’, but ‘what can I possibly do today to stay alive’. 

From the moment I was conceived, I had a privilege that millions, nay, billions of people in the world don’t have. Everyday I am grateful. Everyday I want to make the best of what I have been afforded in life. I didn’t ask for it, but I am going to make every fucking day count.

But what can I do? It isn’t a societal change I can make, it isn’t a decision at all. It’s luck, fate, God, or whatever you want to think.

So how do I live my life knowing and understanding this seemingly inherent unfairness which simply ‘exists in the world? I don’t know. Honestly I have no bloody idea. I work as hard as I can to make the most of what I have, but I’m just not sure that’s enough.

Alan Bennett said on Monday, at a Cambridge University lecture on the unfairness of the British ‘public school’ (private school) system, that ‘all  human beings are born equal’. 

Mr Bennett, you are a far better man than I, but you are wrong.

Fuck privilege.

God I wish the world was fair.