Moving On

I considered making this a long post, but have decided not to. I have decided to move from ‘Confessions of a Hollywood Nobody’ to another site, ‘The Daily Owl’.

It currently has a domain name provided by my hosting service, but that will change very soon (when I manage to think of an interesting name!). To ensure that this announcement doesn’t take up too much time, I will try and briefly explain why I have decided to do this.

  • I have decided to Apply For University! 
    •  I have decided (unsurprisingly) to apply for Film. In doing this, I want to create a blog which I could be wide ranging and interesting.
  • I feel that Confessions is rather narrow in it’s scope, and I want to dive into something where I can write freely about politics, social issues, the internet, film reviews and everything else under the sun.
  • I decided to make my WordPress account self hosted. This means that I now have a significantly greater ability to customise the blog and make it my own. In doing this, I decided to make a change.
  • I actually first decided to try and do this in LA, but the site had just started to get popular, and I decided to keep on going. Yet, every time I wrote a piece about politics or another thing which had caught my attention, I felt that I was veering far away from the message that I had set for myself.

Many reading this may well say that giving up an established blog with over 1000 followers is a silly idea. Completely nonsensical, an unnecessary risk.

In many ways, I would agree with that statement, but taking risks has always been something I have been happy to do. I suppose only time will tell!

I will be posting all the posts on this site for the next month (with a link to my new blog at the bottom) and then will be phasing it out slowly after that.

I hope you join me on this exciting new adventure, and I want to stress that things will not be changing again (at least not for the time being 😛 )

Once again, here is the link to my new blog (hopefully by tomorrow it will be looking sleek new and… um… bloggy!).


Lost, Not Found

As if fighting for a seat isn’t enough. You go through the jostling and the stares and the frowns and the sighs. Then you actually have to watch it. That’s the bit that always gets me.

It’s the 06:51 from Basingstoke to London. The least happy place in the world. The train trundles along loudly, and the commuters sit there silently. If unfamiliar with the situation, you might ask, ‘who died?’. They did. Slowly, one day at a time, living the deluded fantasy that the size of your pay check dictates the quality of your life. This is the money train – it goes right to Central London, to the centre of everything.

This is the train I have been catching to work every morning. I have managed to get a job blogging and creating advertising content in a small property start-up company in Hammersmith. To those of you not from the UK, that is where the Oxford-Cambridge University Boat Race takes place. Its price suggests that it is nice.

And I’m happy. Which… must seem rather odd. I am. Understanding how shit life is for some people has genuinely made me appreciate everything I am fortunate enough to have.

Prior to my London work, I had a job renovating some rat-infested stables. I got to spend some time around horses, which was pretty wonderful.

I plan to be significantly more active in the near future. I recognise that ignoring my readers for the best part of 6 weeks is likely to put me in good stead, but I implore you, don’t go just yet. Stick it out. I promise I’ll come good in the end.

I hope everyone out there is well, and I would love to hear how everybody is getting on. It’s just starting to get cold here in England!

A New Beginning

Just after 9pm, as the plane rose majestically over the gently twinkling lights of Los Angeles, I was gone. I have many wonderful memories of LA and a few bad ones. It felt rather like the pilot of a TV series – a character gets so close to his ultimate goal, before being ejected – or, in my case, ejetted (actually, no – terrible pun, disregard) and having to start all the way from the beginning. 

Of course, that wasn’t quite how it transpired, but it’s been 3 days, so my rose tinted spectacles are beginning to grow. For me, simply getting to Los Angeles felt like a huge achievement – like I was almost there – but in reality, I was as far away as ever. 

I am forced to accept that a having a large body of work is rather like having a large head of hair. Inherently worthless but, for some, a lucky few, it can take them places. 

So now, I get to start my own personal version of ‘Snakes and Ladders’, although, from what I hear, there is only likely to be one ladder, and apparently, there are many, many snakes.

So this is from where I will re-start this blog. A re-boot, if you will. From a dingy flat in London, I will endeavour to cross back over the pond. 

First I need to get a job. I am currently living on borrowed time (isn’t that the best kind of time? No. Profoundly no), and need to find a job, which is my current quest. 

So the dream is still alive. Somehow. Us Brits aren’t notoriously good dreamers, but hey, breaking the mould is something I… would someday like to be able to do… 😛

Thank you again, everybody for reading! I hope I can continue to more than just hold your attention for the length of a post, I hope I can (Insert when relevant – beguile, intrigue, entertain, mesmerise, confound, confuddle, etc!).

Have a wonderful day!




My Affair

It’s 9 pm and my schedule says ‘3 hours of writing’. This is not going to happen. 

It isn’t that I don’t want it to happen. That isn’t it at all, I really do want to write, I LOVE to write… I want to create something tonight. But there is a problem. There is something I haven’t been entirely honest about. I want to… nay, I HAVE to come clean about this. If I don’t then it is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. 


I’m having an affair….I’m having an affair, oh my goodness, it feels so incredible to finally be able to say those words. It eases the guilt somewhat. 

It started off small. We would spend maybe, half an hour together, maybe once or twice a week. 3 times if I needed the pick-me up. 

Now it is everyday. Every morning and evening and late into the night. I just can’t keep it a secret anymore. 

It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t make the first move. Our eyes met one night at a friends house, and, well. That was that. No going back from there. 

This, is an open letter to Family Guy. You have entered my dreams and my heart, and you have taken me away from writing, my love, for too long now. 

I wish I knew how to quit you. 




Okay, so I have set out my precedent, I want to remain in LA and be a screenwriter. But I haven’t really spoken about what it really is to be a screenwriter. Is it to write movies to read to your children as bedtime stories? Is it to publish fan-fiction free on a website online? Or is it to make millions of dollars and obtain the immense wealth and status of a Tarantino or the Nolan brothers?

The answer to this of course lies not in the definition of the screenwriter, but in a personal definition of success. What would it take for me to consider myself a successful screenwriter? Well…that isn’t an easy question to answer. So I have written a list of things which I consider to be the keys to be a successful screenwriting life (and I stress – they are entirely personal).

  1. To sell one piece of my work in order to continue to live in the US.
  2. To be able to go to bed each night not feeling like there was something I should have done that day.
  3. To make my own film/TV show.
  4. To do something productive everyday.
  5. To travel around the world with my writing and explore different cultures, while remaining sensitive to them.
  6. To genuinely move/inspire somebody to better their own life/the lives of other people.
  7. To lift somebodies spirits when they are down.
  8. To treat everybody fairly and give everybody a chance.
  9. To never forget to empathise with other people.
  10. To never forget that life is hard, and that some people will be struggling when things are going well for me.

I didn’t mention money in that list for a reason – I don’t think that money is an effective measure of success. Sure, it is definitely a measure, but one which is so overused that it has lost it’s effectiveness. When we die, we die. Surely we would prefer what we leave behind to be remembered for the good we have caused, not the money we have made.

So there you have it, in all it’s cheesy glory. My personal beliefs about success, and what I am striving for every day. 

As my taxi driver told me on my way from LAX to my apartment, “My ex-wife asked me a few weeks ago why I wasn’t doing so well, I said ‘Look, honey, life is a circle, I know you’re on top at the moment, but trust me you’ll come back down again, and I’ll go up'”

For me, that emphasised the very core of my beliefs: treat people well when you’re on top and they’ll return the favor.

It’s fantastic weather here in Burbank, I hope every one is having a good day!


Starting Out

Hi there



I don’t really know how to start this blog. How do I accurately portray everything I want to achieve into one blog post?

In fact, maybe more to the point, how do I present this material in a way that people will want to read? That is the eternal conundrum, I suppose.

Well I for starters, I should say that I will not be pushed to posting pornography on my page to increase my web traffic. I am already whoring my mind out to Hollywood, I would prefer it if my body remained mine alone (NB. With some notable exceptions…Leighton Meester, if that is the cost of writing your next movie – I will bite the bullet).

Okay, you know what, I’m just going to dive in. My name is Guy Hugo, I am 19 years old, from London and I want to write and produce films which can both be statistically successful, but also be arty and interesting, in Hollywood. Huh…that was easier than I thought… (writing it down, at least!) 

I do feel as if that statement rather glorifies things, though. I say this as I look out onto the wrong side of the Hollywood Hills from my shared apartment in Burbank. I have for many years dreamed of moving to the US, and living my dream of becoming a writer in LA. I am closer than I was, but still further than I would care to believe. I am currently doing a 2 month screenwriting course at the NYFA in Burbank, and my time in the US will end when my Visa does – July 28th. At that point – when my money runs out – I will move back to the UK, get a low level job and spend many years trying to work myself up the film making ladder. But, as an (at times unreasonably) ambitious person – I want to try and do things in a slightly different way. It has taken me 19 years to get to the US. I don’t want to have to leave. 

So here is my current predicament. The only way I can stay in the US is if I keep my student visa (i.e. renew it and do another academic course). I have worked out that in order to stay here in LA and do another course until October (when the next full time 3 year course starts) I need to raise roughly $9000.

This is where the story begins to get interesting. I am currently working on 3 screenplays and a short (ish) 170-200 page novel. I need to complete these in the next two months and try and market them (I may go down the self-publishing-self-advertising route for my book) to the necessary people, in order to have any hope of raising the required funds (my visa does not permit me to work in the US).

So there, I suppose, you have it. My blog my world. Over the next few months, I will write about my process for writing screenplays and novels. I will write about my progress, about the people I meet and the city (I, as an Englishman, refer to myself as living ‘In LA’, even though I realize that I am living in Burbank – but they’re basically the same, right?) I live in. So hopefully I will be able to take you on my journey, and I hope it turns out to be an interesting one, and that I’m not just another wannabe artist, kicking dust on Hollywood Boulevard. 

Oh my God. I just spelled realise as realize. The Americans are getting to me already.  

Thank you all for reading, I will be updating regularly so make sure you follow if you are interested in hearing my story.