Moving On

I considered making this a long post, but have decided not to. I have decided to move from ‘Confessions of a Hollywood Nobody’ to another site, ‘The Daily Owl’.

It currently has a domain name provided by my hosting service, but that will change very soon (when I manage to think of an interesting name!). To ensure that this announcement doesn’t take up too much time, I will try and briefly explain why I have decided to do this.

  • I have decided to Apply For University! 
    •  I have decided (unsurprisingly) to apply for Film. In doing this, I want to create a blog which I could be wide ranging and interesting.
  • I feel that Confessions is rather narrow in it’s scope, and I want to dive into something where I can write freely about politics, social issues, the internet, film reviews and everything else under the sun.
  • I decided to make my WordPress account self hosted. This means that I now have a significantly greater ability to customise the blog and make it my own. In doing this, I decided to make a change.
  • I actually first decided to try and do this in LA, but the site had just started to get popular, and I decided to keep on going. Yet, every time I wrote a piece about politics or another thing which had caught my attention, I felt that I was veering far away from the message that I had set for myself.

Many reading this may well say that giving up an established blog with over 1000 followers is a silly idea. Completely nonsensical, an unnecessary risk.

In many ways, I would agree with that statement, but taking risks has always been something I have been happy to do. I suppose only time will tell!

I will be posting all the posts on this site for the next month (with a link to my new blog at the bottom) and then will be phasing it out slowly after that.

I hope you join me on this exciting new adventure, and I want to stress that things will not be changing again (at least not for the time being 😛 )

Once again, here is the link to my new blog (hopefully by tomorrow it will be looking sleek new and… um… bloggy!).


Lost, Not Found

As if fighting for a seat isn’t enough. You go through the jostling and the stares and the frowns and the sighs. Then you actually have to watch it. That’s the bit that always gets me.

It’s the 06:51 from Basingstoke to London. The least happy place in the world. The train trundles along loudly, and the commuters sit there silently. If unfamiliar with the situation, you might ask, ‘who died?’. They did. Slowly, one day at a time, living the deluded fantasy that the size of your pay check dictates the quality of your life. This is the money train – it goes right to Central London, to the centre of everything.

This is the train I have been catching to work every morning. I have managed to get a job blogging and creating advertising content in a small property start-up company in Hammersmith. To those of you not from the UK, that is where the Oxford-Cambridge University Boat Race takes place. Its price suggests that it is nice.

And I’m happy. Which… must seem rather odd. I am. Understanding how shit life is for some people has genuinely made me appreciate everything I am fortunate enough to have.

Prior to my London work, I had a job renovating some rat-infested stables. I got to spend some time around horses, which was pretty wonderful.

I plan to be significantly more active in the near future. I recognise that ignoring my readers for the best part of 6 weeks is likely to put me in good stead, but I implore you, don’t go just yet. Stick it out. I promise I’ll come good in the end.

I hope everyone out there is well, and I would love to hear how everybody is getting on. It’s just starting to get cold here in England!

7 Ways To… Stop Sexism in the Film Industry

A young friend of mine came to LA 8 months ago to pursue an acting career. She is at a stage, where, as most people know, you need to be saying ‘yes!’ to every opportunity offered to you. She is however, having to say no. She goes out for tonnes and tonnes of auditions a month. Over 50% of those, she says, are for ‘floozy’ roles, or the ‘dumb blonde’. She doesn’t want to be stereotyped in that way… so she says no. She should not have to be put in that position.The film industry is arguably the most influential industry in the world, each year over 225 millions people go to the cinema in the US/Canada alone. So why is the film industry choosing to continue to promote sexism in the way it does? How can we stop it? Well… I’m not entirely sure, but here are seven ways we can make a start…

1. Treat sexism like racism – Why is sexism not entirely booted out of Hollywood? Because it has an audience, rather a large one in fact (around half the worlds population). That is the reason, there is no other rational than that…. But try and think about it in a slightly different way – racism is, generally (and rightfully so) treated with disgust around the world. Yet, if we think about it, racist people exist, they may well want to see racism (their beliefs) portrayed on the big screen – an audience does exist.

So, surely, just because an audience does exist, why should we pander to them? Treat sexism like racism, and make the bigger decision to just stop it.

2. Call everyone ‘actors’ – Lots of people already do this, but come on, it’s a word, it’s even shorter than the word actress, so it saves you time – use it, save yourself time, spend more time doing the things you love rather than (while probably subconsciously) reinforcing a negative gender stereotype.

3. Stop it at a grass roots level – I was sitting in class the other day, when a boy started to pitch his idea – the entire premise centered around a boss betting his employee he couldn’t have sex with a female employee at the company. Nobody batted an eyelid. Why? Because Hollywood is full of this stuff! Changing the writers and producers currently established in the industry will be tough, but surely we can stop it at the source – don’t accept sexist new material into the industry. This was the first film the guy had ever written. What did he want to do? Write a big bucks ‘Hollywood’ film? Why did he go for that kind of idea? You get my drift…

4. If strongly influencing Hollywood is a step too far (I suspect it may take a while longer) then focus on Indie films. There is no reason to include sexism in an indie film, unless it is a story which shows it being tackled. So this is an easy point – most people watching indie movies are going to care about cinema – you don’t need to sell out to get them to come and watch. So just cut out any sexism in indie films, it isn’t needed, it isn’t necessary – bin it.

5.  Counter it – so somebody is insisting on putting a sexist character in the movie? Easy – make sure it is sexist to both sexes! De-stabilize the male characters – undermine them. Level the playing field.

6. Get more female writers – there are already many female writers in the television world (although there could undoubtedly be more) but only 15% of the writing staff in the film industry is made up of women. Talking about an audience, how about we let women create what women want to see, rather than letting men create what they think women want to see?

7. Stand up to it! Members of the film industry are INCREDIBLY influential… it isn’t a coincidence that many presidential advertising campaigns utilize Hollywood film stars. So take a stand! If you can make a difference then do so, Hollywood – people will listen!

For total transparency (if you haven’t read my blog), I am a white British teenage male writer. Thanks for reading.



I am going to write one thing today and one thing only.

There was another school shooting in the US. When I brought it up in conversation, the most empathetic response was ‘that’s not news’. 

I sat in a coffee shop for 4 hours, reading the same chapter in a book. 

It was a chapter about two star-crossed lovers. They know they are doomed, they know that things will end fatally for them. 

They make one simple promise to each other. ‘Naaley’. Tomorrow. 

That we can be here today, and ‘not news’ tomorrow. 

To change.

To tomorrow.

Live, love, life.