Moving On

I considered making this a long post, but have decided not to. I have decided to move from ‘Confessions of a Hollywood Nobody’ to another site, ‘The Daily Owl’.

It currently has a domain name provided by my hosting service, but that will change very soon (when I manage to think of an interesting name!). To ensure that this announcement doesn’t take up too much time, I will try and briefly explain why I have decided to do this.

  • I have decided to Apply For University! 
    •  I have decided (unsurprisingly) to apply for Film. In doing this, I want to create a blog which I could be wide ranging and interesting.
  • I feel that Confessions is rather narrow in it’s scope, and I want to dive into something where I can write freely about politics, social issues, the internet, film reviews and everything else under the sun.
  • I decided to make my WordPress account self hosted. This means that I now have a significantly greater ability to customise the blog and make it my own. In doing this, I decided to make a change.
  • I actually first decided to try and do this in LA, but the site had just started to get popular, and I decided to keep on going. Yet, every time I wrote a piece about politics or another thing which had caught my attention, I felt that I was veering far away from the message that I had set for myself.

Many reading this may well say that giving up an established blog with over 1000 followers is a silly idea. Completely nonsensical, an unnecessary risk.

In many ways, I would agree with that statement, but taking risks has always been something I have been happy to do. I suppose only time will tell!

I will be posting all the posts on this site for the next month (with a link to my new blog at the bottom) and then will be phasing it out slowly after that.

I hope you join me on this exciting new adventure, and I want to stress that things will not be changing again (at least not for the time being 😛 )

Once again, here is the link to my new blog (hopefully by tomorrow it will be looking sleek new and… um… bloggy!).


Not Quite The News – HONY in Iraq

Since the Gulf War in 1990 and continuing through Operation Desert Storm in 1998 and the Iraq War in 2003, many people in the West have become desensitized to the extent of the suffering – the reality of the humanity – of the people of Iraq. 

Frequently, we saw news stories showing the deaths of Western soldiers and gasped at the terrible infidel insurgents who had inflicted this terrible fate. 

We passed over the fact that, in the mortar strikes and drone bombings which led up to the fatal attacks, hundreds of Iraqi civilians had been killed.

In fact, when the US and the rest of the NATO troops left Iraq in 2011 over 110,000 civilians had been killed in the crossfire of the war.

To us, with frequent media coverage of the terrors of the Iraqi insurgents and their constant alienation, many didn’t think twice about these deaths, many, dare I say, celebrated them as a Western victory over terror.

In recent weeks, Brandon Stanton, creator of the immensely popular blog, Humans of New York, has recently, on behalf of the United Nations, visited Iraq as part of a tour around the world. 

He has continued his traditional photographing style – approach the person, smile and ask to take their picture, He then interviews them, and posts the photo, as long as a selected phrase from the interview on his blog. 

The significance of him going to Iraq is in the lack of change he has made. He interviews people in the same way and talks to them the way he would a fellow American. 

There are bad people in Iraq, bad people who have caused huge problems. There are bad people in the USA, bad people in England, bad people in China and Chile and Sweden. 

There are also good people. Brandon Stanton and Humans of New York has given a rare Western insight into the people of Iraq, people who face the same problems as us. Normal people, good people. 

Thank you, Brandon Stanton and Humans of New York.

For more ‘Not Quite The News’ head here!


A New Beginning

Just after 9pm, as the plane rose majestically over the gently twinkling lights of Los Angeles, I was gone. I have many wonderful memories of LA and a few bad ones. It felt rather like the pilot of a TV series – a character gets so close to his ultimate goal, before being ejected – or, in my case, ejetted (actually, no – terrible pun, disregard) and having to start all the way from the beginning. 

Of course, that wasn’t quite how it transpired, but it’s been 3 days, so my rose tinted spectacles are beginning to grow. For me, simply getting to Los Angeles felt like a huge achievement – like I was almost there – but in reality, I was as far away as ever. 

I am forced to accept that a having a large body of work is rather like having a large head of hair. Inherently worthless but, for some, a lucky few, it can take them places. 

So now, I get to start my own personal version of ‘Snakes and Ladders’, although, from what I hear, there is only likely to be one ladder, and apparently, there are many, many snakes.

So this is from where I will re-start this blog. A re-boot, if you will. From a dingy flat in London, I will endeavour to cross back over the pond. 

First I need to get a job. I am currently living on borrowed time (isn’t that the best kind of time? No. Profoundly no), and need to find a job, which is my current quest. 

So the dream is still alive. Somehow. Us Brits aren’t notoriously good dreamers, but hey, breaking the mould is something I… would someday like to be able to do… 😛

Thank you again, everybody for reading! I hope I can continue to more than just hold your attention for the length of a post, I hope I can (Insert when relevant – beguile, intrigue, entertain, mesmerise, confound, confuddle, etc!).

Have a wonderful day!




What Really Matters?

I keep seeing posts on Instagram and Twitter and…  you know what, I’m just going to say ‘on social media’ to save me from getting carpel tunnel. These posts are ones that, perhaps,  at the beginning of time, when they were first posted (that is of course assuming the revisionist theory that time began on March 12th, 1989) seemed original and interesting, but since then have become mass shared, boring and largely (maybe) useless. 

I am talking, of course, about posts like this:





Now… inherently, I don’t entirely disagree with this message. But I do have one big problem with it. Who are they to tell us how to live a meaningful life? What we should care about?  Are there people who live meaningful lives outside of these guidelines? Of course there are! Or there aren’t… depending, presumably, on who you ask. 

These posts, I think, are perfectly harmless, unless you start to believe them. The idea that you would change the way you live your life because some ‘celebrity’ tells you to is seems silly.  

An interesting way, I think to go about the whole ‘I need inspiration’ phenomena, is to do this:

Imagine you live in a world where at the end of your life all evidence that you ever existed is destroyed (not families, of course, this is a hypothetical world, not a futuristic dystopia). The only thing you leave behind is a piece of A4 paper. What you write on this paper is entirely up to you, but it is now your life will be remembered. 

What would you write on that piece of paper? Would it be your career? Your friends, your family? 

That, I think, is the best way to clarify the main things in your life. Then too that list apply ‘fucking hard work’ and you may just see things work out 😛 

Have a great day 🙂